If You Simply Can’t Call An Electrician…

simply cant call electrician

There are just certain times when calling an electrician is not financially feasible and we understand that. Just because you can’t afford a professional doesn’t mean there aren’t some savvy, money saving things you can do to make a do it yourself project almost as beautiful and functional as what an electrician could do.

Do you need a little extra light in some hard to reach places? Maybe a pantry or a closet is just a little too dark for your liking, and getting some extra light in there would make things a lot more functional. You might opt for installing some stick on lights that can be purchased just about anywhere these days. They actually work very well, even though they are battery powered. Just make sure that you are not leaving it on for long periods of time. That is one of the secrets to getting them to last longer than most. Besides, it is probably just a temporary fix, and you can have the real thing done later. Until then, just purchase these quick-fix lighting units, peel the back off and stick it where ever it is needed.

Another inexpensive lighting trick is LED rope lighting. These are great accents anywhere soft light is desired or needed, especially around cabinets, doorframes and framed art. They can also be used as night-lights for the children’s rooms or for skittish pets who don’t particularly like being left in the dark. Fish aquariums could be lit up as well using these handy pieces for a little extra savings while not running the electric light over the tank.

If security is an issue for you and you want to do a little preventative work without spending a ton of money, you might want to invest in a wireless motion-activated spotlight. Detecting movement from 30 feet, the super high beam LED is housed in a rugged, weatherproof casing that is battery operated. It shuts itself off after about 30 seconds to preserve battery life. For outdoor security in a pinch, it’s a definite must to check out.

Another security feature you can install without an electrician’s supervision is a keyless entry lock. Available anywhere doorknobs, deadbolts and doorbells are sold, you can install these quickly and easily. They are battery powered and have an incredibly long life, so even if you forget your key, getting in the house is no problem, while those without the code will be left standing outside. Paired up with the aforementioned security light, you’re on your way to a full-fledged security system!

Speaking of doors, doorbells are another easily installed feature for your home that really doesn’t require the calling of an electrical professional. Many of these units are now wireless and install in a flash. One piece for the outside of the door and another piece for inside the house and you have your doorbell in place. With just a couple of simple tools, you can have the job completed in no time.

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