what does an electrician do

what does an electrician do

Everybody knows that electricians work with electricity, but sometimes the knowledge of what an electrician actually does doesn’t go much further than that. As a matter of fact, most people take electricity itself for granted, let alone the professionals who install it, repair it and make sure it is working right. We flip a light switch and the lights come on and that’s usually the extent of our common knowledge, as far as electricity goes.

Electricians can be specialists in certain fields, such as residential, commercial, or even industrial. Residential electricians deal, of course, with electrical situations around the home. This is the one you would call if you were planning on making an addition to electrical features in your home, installing indoor or outdoor lighting, setting up an extravagant Christmas light display, adding another room to your home or changing appliances from old to new. Residential electricians are the go-to people for around the home electrical needs.

Commercial electricians deal primarily with places of business and are usually called upon when new equipment is being put in, changes in the infrastructure of the building are taking place, new rooms or additions to the building are built, and any other array of needs of a business where electricity comes into play. Codes and regulations are much stricter in commercial settings than in residential areas and homes and these electricians are often called upon more often than residential ones. A homeowner might be able to take some electrical matters into his own hands, but that is rarely the case for commercial businesses.

Industrial electricians are most usually specialists in their field. They deal with a much larger electrical load and have specialized training in dealing with larger current loads, breaker boxes, wiring and machinery. Much like commercial settings, industries have yet again, another set of codes and regulations that they have to go by, and sometimes, even residential and commercial electricians aren’t familiar with those.

In maintenance or repair situations, where something electrical has to be serviced for proper functioning or repaired, many times electricians can do either residential or commercial. If this is the situation, they both have to be aware of the proper codes for the job they are working on, or even if they applicable to the jobs they are doing.

Some of these electricians focus only on repairs, while others still are primarily involved with new structure. These building electricians are primarily called upon when new buildings are being built. They can read blueprints and put in the initial wiring, panel boxes and breakers, outlets, switches and any extras laid out in those blueprints by the building owners.

Overall, there is a vast expanse of different things that electricians can do. Therefore, when it comes time for you to choose one, make sure you are getting the right one for your home or business, especially if there are any particulars needs in one respective area or another.

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