Cutting The Power For DIY

You may have recently decided to try your hand at some electrical do it yourself projects. There’s nothing quite like doing a job yourself, saving money and knowing that it was your own handiwork. That’s something to be proud of. However, there’s a very important bit information we’d like to share with you before you… Continue reading Cutting The Power For DIY

what does an electrician do

Everybody knows that electricians work with electricity, but sometimes the knowledge of what an electrician actually does doesn’t go much further than that. As a matter of fact, most people take electricity itself for granted, let alone the professionals who install it, repair it and make sure it is working right. We flip a light… Continue reading what does an electrician do

DIY or Electrician?

These days, everyone wants in on the DIY projects. Electrical projects are no different. For one thing, doing your own electrical work in some cases can save you tons of money. It can also give you a great deal of satisfaction as a homeowner in working on your own home. Unfortunately, do-it-yourself electrical projects can… Continue reading DIY or Electrician?